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About us

Dr. Thomas Pfefferle

"The Tireless"

Thomas was born in Freiburg in 1958 and grew up in the Markgräflerland in Kirchhofen.

In 1977 he began studying veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover, which he successfully completed in 1982 with the state examination.

During his studies he was able to gain first experiences with the equine veterinarian Dr. Collect Jacobs from Bierbergen.

He began his doctoral thesis on a metabolic topic parallel to his studies and completed it in 1984.

He completed the internship semester in 1982 in Ostrach in a large animal practice. Through these contacts he was able to take over a pure large animal practice in 1983, which was expanded to include a small animal and horse department.

In 1985 he married the committed agricultural master Bettina Kraft and built up today's business with her.

Over the years he has developed a particular interest in mares that are difficult to get pregnant. Continuous advanced training and direct contact with international specialists enabled the progress in equine gynecology to be implemented in practice.

The success is due to his constant determination and accuracy, because for him it is a matter of course to inseminate mares in the middle of the night in order to catch the best possible time.

Sabrina Pfefferle

Born in 1989.

She was infected with the horse virus at an early age. At the age of 6 she got her first pony Daisy, with which she soon gained her first tournament experience. Until 2002 she was successful in jumping and dressage tests, then she decided on dressage. In the meantime she is successful with self-bred and self-trained horses up to advanced classes.

She now works at Daimler TSS in Ulm.
At home she is responsible for the training of our dressage horses.

Holger Pfefferle

Born in 1994.

For a long time he was not interested in equestrian sports.

For him, too, a visit to the Bundeschampionat was decisive for the start of his riding career. In the meantime he is also successful with self-bred and self-trained horses up to S **. Due to his radiating calm he is our specialist for young horses.

From 2014 to 2016 he trained as an FN rider with the renowned trainers Thieß and Peter Luther in Holstein.

From 2017 - 2019 he studied veterinary medicine up to the physics at the Szent István University in Budapest. He has had a place in Leipzig since October 2019.

Bettina Kraft - Pfefferle

"The engine of the whole"

Born in Ravensburg in 1964.

She grew up on a large dairy farm in Ostrach - Wangen. When she was only 3 years old, she wanted to become a farmer. She achieved this in 1985 when she graduated as an agricultural master.

In 1985 she married Dr. Thomas Pfefferle, whom she naturally met in the stable. In the following years she was employed on her parents' farm and actively helped in her husband's practice.

In 1989 the daughter Sabrina was born.

Due to the constant expansion of her husband's veterinary practice, she had to choose between farm and practice in 1990. With a heavy heart, she handed over the farm to her brother and from now on worked fully in the practice.

1991 birth of the son Jochen.

In 1993 she graduated as a dog hairdresser and set up the dog salon with Sibylle Riemer - Müller.

1994 birth of the son Holger.

In 1996 she completed a 6 - week course to become an inseminator. So she could take over the sperm collection and processing.

1999 - 2000 she completed a course to become an agricultural computer scientist, which she passed with a grade of very good.

2000 birth of the baby Jens.

Their tasks include:
• Barn management
• TG - make semen
• Help in practice
• Run the office as well
• the dog salon

Jochen Pfefferle

Born in 1991.

Jochen became interested in horses very early on. With our rider at the time, Ernst Ege, he was already a constant companion at tournaments at the age of 5. He got his riding badge before he started school.

After a visit to the Bundeschampionat, he purposefully began riding competitions. He is successful in dressage tests up to L class and in jumping up to S **. He achieved this with horses that he reared and trained himself.

Because of his achievements, he was in the state squad of juniors and young riders in Baden-Württemberg for 2 years. During this time he took part twice in the Prize of the Best in Warendorf and twice in the German Junior Championships. In 2010 he won the bronze medal at the Baden-Württemberg state championships for young riders. To date he has achieved over 680 placements as an amateur.

His interest in breeding - due to our horse insemination station - awoke early and soon he knew the horses and their ancestry better than his parents.
He is significantly involved in the selection of stallions for our mares.

He manages the horse sales himself.

From 2012 to 2014 Jochen studied veterinary medicine up to the physics at the Szent István University in Budapest. From October 2014, he continued his studies at the Free University of Berlin and graduated successfully as a veterinarian in 2018.

Jens Pfefferle

Born in 2000.


Jens only rides now and then when he feels like doing it again. However, he much prefers to be an accompaniment to tournaments, here he is irreplaceable as a carer, builder and cameraman. Jens also always helps out when a stable worker is free or sick.


Since 2019 he has also been studying veterinary medicine at the Szent István University in Budapest.

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