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Balous Bellini, v. Balou du Rouet



* 2006

169cm. Pcs.

Approved for all southern German associations and Holstein

Stud fee: EUR 1000 including VAT.


Balous Bellini is the upcoming star in show jumping breeding. With the celebrated jumping winner of the Westphalia licensing, Bellini Royal, who is also stationed at Gestüt Ligges, and another premium stallion, he presented a virtually unbeatable business card of his heredity.


Balous Bellini also shines with outstanding results in terms of his own performance. Self and hereditary strength are genetically well protected by the famous Holstein performance line 4025, from which the Olympic champion Classic Touch (Ludger Beerbaum) comes.


In his 30-day test in Munich-Riem he received a 9.69 for his jumping ability, a 9.50 for his rideability and a 9.13 for his interior. His basic gaits were consistently rated 8.50 and better. With the record rating of 9.54 in the final score with emphasis on jumping, 8.86 in the final score with emphasis on dressage and 9.27 in the weighted overall score, the stallion performance test victory was not to be denied by a clear margin to the competition. He followed up with series victories in horse jumping competitions including qualification for the national championships. At the age of seven he already trumped his Lutz Gripshöver in international youngster tours.


Balous Bellini passes on his offspring his wonderful smoothness, his relaxed movements through the body, his affable character and his enormous willingness to perform. Three of his sons from the first two years were licensed. The first youngsters start very promising under the saddle.








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