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EU station

We also provide specific stables for stallions to produce fresh sperm and deep frozen sperm.


We are a licensed EU insemination centre and thus may process and send fresh sperm and deep-frozen sperm throughout Europe. We also produce deep-frozen sperm of rare horse breeds.


The sperm of the stallion is taken by help of the “phantom”. This is done to reduce the risk of injuries with the mares and the stallions.


For the production and the processing of the semen we have a state-of-the-art laboratory. 

Here the sperm is processed and evaluated. The evaluation of the sperm is monitored by video. Thus shipped sperm that suffers damages during the transport can be claimed.

The computerized freezing machine slowly freezes the sperm.


We store the deep frozen sperm without a time limit. The deep frozen sperm can be sent throughout Europe and abroad. We also offer you to store the sperm of other stallions or other insemination centres.

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