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Welcome to our Insemination Center

We are pleased to give you a warm welcome to our equine insemination centre in Mengen near Lake Constance


Our Equine Insemination Center in Mengen is situated around 25 miles north of Lake Constance. With a size of 10 hectares of green spaces we are able to offer abundant pastures.


For 25 years we are dealing with the artificial insemination of mares. We are specialized in dealing with difficult mares and with the production of deep-frozen sperm.

Within Baden Württemberg we are the insemination centre that has the longest experience in artificial insemination of mares with deep-frozen sperm.


Horse owners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland entrust their mares into our hands.


We can also show high rates of pregnancy due to our controls that include mating with a stallion twice a day.


We also want to inform you about the Homepage of our Veterinary Practice





PBM Pfefferle GmbH

Mühlgässle 50

88512 Mengen​


Equine Arctificial Insemination:   
Tel: +49 7572 3561
Fax: +49 7572 5583


Horses for Sale:

Tel: +491735437134