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Le Mans, v. Lord Sinclair



* 2000

174 cm. Pcs.

200 € for insemination + 300 € for pregnancy

Sporty proven dressage stallion with classic Holstein high-performance genetics in the first four generations. Le Mans is unmistakably shaped by his father Lord Sinclair I and is in a good frame with a harmonious physique. He has three top basic gaits that favor promotion as a dressage horse.

Lord Sinclair I was double Bundeschampion, main premium and stallion performance test winner and later won many times up to Grand Prix. So far he has produced more than 19 licensed sons and in 2002 the national champion mare Prima Ballerina. The dam's sire, Carolus I, began his sire career as an association stallion in Holstein before he moved to Baden-Württemberg. After a short time he was led there by the Swiss Nations Prize winner Stefan Lauber (later with Hans-Peter Konle) to international victories and placements. With regard to the FN breeding value estimation for jumping, Coralus I were among the leading Holstein stallions nationwide.

His licensed sons Clinton I and II became particularly well-known. The third generation is the Holstein black Cordeur.

He was the winner of young horse jumping classes up to M level and advanced dressage level up to S level. He has made a name for himself as a sire of impressive versatility. The Ronald son Ricardo was an elite stallion from Württemberg and also enjoyed a high reputation in his Holstein homeland. Capitol I, Roman and Ladykiller xx are represented several times in the pedigree, and nine times Le Mans has moved to the legendary lineage founder Ramzes AA.

The Trakehner Cornet II, Trautmann and Lateran form the pedigree background in the following generations. Le Mans comes from

of the Hanoverian family 37 / Malchen (by Maas-Norton-Harkaway etc.). This resulted in the licensed stallions Absolut

(Ldb. Celle), Cyrano de Bergerac (PB Bad. Wttbg; internat SPR erf. M. Franke Sloothaak), Kassander (PB DEN), Marschall (Ldb.Schwaiganger), Peach Pit (PB Hann.), The double Bundeschampion Rusty (PB Old.), Rico (Ldb. Marbach), San World (PB DK, licensing winner) and the three licensed full brothers, Rosen-Hit (PB Hess.), Rubinstolz (PB Bad.-Wttbg.) And Ruiz Soler ) PB Old., Stallion performance test winner.

Le Mans was victoriously placed in dressage up to M / A and S class.

His first crop of foals in 2014 shone at the foal show: 1st place among the dressage foals,
with the jumping foals with the 2nd place.

The stallion refined all mares and passed on his appearance and talent.



Lord Sinclair

Pretty darling

Raueck I.





Coco Coralle





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