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PBM Ma Cherie

2015, mare by Millenium - Welt Hit II - Karon

Dpf. A won
Sold in Germany

PBM Amiros

2010, gelding by a'Lee Spring Power - Graf Grannus - Camiros

S jumping placed
Sold to Thomas Fessler

PBM Quasimodo

2016, stallion by Quasimodo van de Molendreef - Corrado G - Genius

Sold through the Süddeutsche Hengsttage 2019

Cooper (1).JPG

PBM Cooper's Diamond

2014, gelding by Cooper VDHeffnick - Calato - Alcatraz
Sold to America


PBM Dance with Me

2015, mare by Deniro - Van der Man - Rockwell

Won riding horses
Sold in Germany

PBM Cantarella

2006, mare by Cleverboy - Chinatown xx - Argentan

S dressage placed several times
Sold in Germany

Diarado (1).jpg

PBM Diamon

2016, gelding by Diarado - Come On - Mowgli
Sold in Germany


PBM Competitor

2012, gelding by Comte - Grunsee - Gold Ferdl

Spf. A placed
Sold to America


PBM Conway's Boy

2012, gelding by Conway II - Cleverboy - Fürstengold

Spf. L won
Sold in Germany


PBM Hapoline du Caillou

2013, mare by Quadrillo - Le Tot de Semilly - Kannan

L jumping placed
Sold in Germany


PBM Cesano's Girl

2015, mare by Cesano II - Cleverboy - Fürstengold

Spf. A placed
Sold in Germany


PBM Carthango

2012, gelding by Cardino - Calando - Ahorn Z

Spf. A placed
Sold in Germany

PBM Cellestiano

2014, gelding by Cellestial - Cleverboy - Fürstengold
Sold in Germany

PBM Cosmopolitan

2014, gelding by Concetto - Larimar - Cassini II
Country Champion, South German Champion
Auction peak Marbach 2017

PBM Lordanos Boy

2012, gelding by Lordanos - Cleverboy- Mowgli

Spf. A placed

Sold in Germany

PBM Larima

2012, mare by Larimar - Cassini II Aguarico xx

Spf. L won, Spf. M placed
Sold to Heinz Roevenic

PBM Damontez

2014, stallion by Damon Hill - Lord Loxley - Cleverboy


Dpf. M won

Sold to HLG Neustadt / Dosse

PBM Voltaire's Boy

2012, gelding by Voltaire - Cleverboy- Aloubé

Placed PPE final in Donaueschingen 2016

Sold in Germany

PBM Cillarney's Boy

2012, gelding by Cillarney - Cleverboy - Wandergesell
S jumping won

Sold in Germany

PBM charisma

2010, mare by Clarimo - Aloubé - Capitol I
Spf. A - M won, S jumping won

Sold to Austria

PBM Cortexa

2011, mare by Conway II - Cleverboy - Fernando
Participation in the PPE final in Donaueschingen 2015

Sold in Germany

PBM Chalouba FBW

2007, mare by Chacco Blue - Aloubé - Capitol I
Won S *, participation in the German Youth Championships 2014

Sold in Germany

PBM City Lady

2009, mare by Cleverboy-Carano-Sir Shotakovich xx
Winner of the PSA Tour 2013 in Donaueschingen
Winner of the South German free jumping championships 2013

PBM sensation

2007, gelding by Sailormoon - Cordeur - Fontan
6-year-old placed several times in M jumping

Sold in Germany

PBM Cavano Hit FBW

2007, stallion by Blue Horse Cavan-Sandro Hit-Cleverboy
State Champion Tübingen 2013
Participation in the Bundeschampionat 2013
St. George placed
Sold in Germany

PBM Escada

2005, mare by Escudo - Acord II - Loredo
Placed several S-classes

Sold to Evelyn Berger

PBM Quite is Easy

2005, gelding by Quite Capitol - Cento - Come On
6-year-old placed up to M jumping

Sold to America

PBM Candygirl I

1997, mare by Cleverboy - Fernando - Caribo
S jumping placed

PBM Calato-Zeus

2005, gelding by Calato - Zeus - Almé
Won S *, placed S **

Sold to Los Angeles

PBM Chepetta

2011, mare by Chepetto - Carano - Sir Shostakovich
M jumping won

Sold in Germany

PBM Cascada

2010, mare by Cachas - Cleverboy - Aloubé
Spf. A won, Spf. LM placed

Sold to Uli Collé

PBM Cento's Boy

2001, gelding by Cento - Cleverboy - Mowgli
Won S *, placed S **

Sold to Australia

PBM Cero

2007, gelding by Cero I - Romino -Cor de la Bryere
6-year-old already placed in M jumping
Sold in Germany

PBM Columbo

2002, gelding by Caletto III - Cleverboy - Fernando
S-jumping placed
Sold in Germany

PBM Cesano's Boy

2006, stallion by Cesano II - Cleverboy - Fürstengold
Approved, South German free jumping champion 2009
Already won Spf.- M at the age of 5
Sold in Switzerland

PBM Coriano's Best FBW

2004, gelding by Coriano - Zeus - Almé
Participation in the Bundeschampionat 2009
7 year old placed S.

Sold to Mexico

PBM Finaro

2003, gelding by Fürst Heinrich - Cleverboy - Mowgli
Successful up to M -dressage

Sold in Germany

PBM Clevergirl II

1999, mare by Cleverboy - Mowgli - Moltke I
State champion in Tübingen 2005
S -dressage placed

PBM Candyman

1996, gelding by Cleverboy - Fernando - Caribo
Victories and placements up to S *** jumping

Sold to Andreas Brünz

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