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Equine Artificial Insemination

Procedure of the Artificial Insemination

Before the insemination

As the owner of the mare you can choose your stallion. If you need any advice regarding the right choice we are pleased to help you.

Having good connections to almost all leading stallion centers we are able to organize almost any stallion you like.

Once you have chosen a stallion the ongoing procedure depends on the type of the sperm.

Deep frozen sperm should be ordered as soon as possible as the shipping containers have to be cooled down slowly with liquid nitrogen. Especially during the high season there may be a shortage of the required shipping containers.

Your mare should be brought to our center as soon as possible so we can make a gynecological examination. Ultrasonic testings of the ovaries and of the womb give evidence of the fertility of your mare. We have to make sure that there are no germs that will impede a pregnancy of your horse. Bacteriological examinations (smear test during rut) and in certain cases a biopsy will complete the examinations. An ultrasonic examination will find out when exactly the ovulation takes place.

A crucial point is the so called “testing” with our stallion. To stimulate the mares we take the chosen stallion to the stable two or three times a day. When required the ovulation will be scheduled hormonally.

Insemination with deep-frozen sperm

The insemination with deep frozen sperm is by far more costly. The insemination must take place as near to the ovulation as possible. Here the results of the smear testing and the stimulation by the stallion plays an even more important role.

In general the ovulation is scheduled. Shortly before the ovulation ultrasonic testings of the follicle are being conducted in intervals of four to six hours (also during the night).

The mobility of the sperm is examined at the point of insemination via a microscope.

After that the mare is being inseminated using a specific catheter that puts the sperm right next to the oviduct.

Insemination with fresh sperm

On the one hand insemination with fresh sperm is somewhat less difficult as the mare need not be examined as often compared to the insemination with deep frozen sperm. On the other hand the sperm must be ordered already one day before the ovulation. Thus we try to order only once or twice fresh sperm.

When everything is ready for the insemination (with fresh sperm), the sperm is ordered with the owner of the stallion. Usually this is done via fax in order to transmit all the information to the center. The sperm arrives on the next morning in our center and is being examined (mobility of the sperm). Then the mare is being inseminated. The moment of the insemination is being put as near to the ovulation as possible.

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